2021 Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl: Saturday, December 18 at 2:30 PM

Four Downs with 2019 Chairman Art Carmody IV

1st Down: Overall, do you view your year as chairman as a success? If so, why?

I would like to answer this question the way a football coach may look back at a prior season.  We had some big wins throughout the year, but I can’t stress enough how close they were and how easily they could have been bad losses for the Bowl.  I am sure the Executive Committee, National Strategy Committee, and the Selection Committee would agree that most of these wins came down to the fourth quarter with us down by five with two minutes remaining, no timeouts, and the ball at our own two yard line after our defense got a stop and forced a punt.  It was the entire collection of foundation members and staff that got us down the field and into the endzone.  Those victories included all the events throughout the year culminating in getting a great matchup between Miami and Louisiana Tech, securing future matchups for the next six-year bowl cycle, and the groundwork being laid down to help secure a title sponsor when Frank Auer took over as chairman.  However, this past year was built on the leadership and guidance of recent chairman Trey Giglio, as well as all former chairmen and chairwomen who still lend their help and expertise.  I can’t thank them, as well as our partners at ESPN, enough for their guidance during my year.

2nd Down: When you look back at your year as chairman, do any moments or events stand out as something you will remember or are especially proud of?

First off, I think we should do our own ESPN “30 for 30” on the new conference tie-ins and the twists and turns of how that whole thing played out over the past two years.  However, a moment I will always remember was Selection Sunday.  The committee really zeroed in on trying to get Louisiana Tech against one of either Miami or Florida State early in the process and they worked so hard laying the groundwork to get that done.  Going into that Sunday, I wasn’t confident that it would happen, but to have Missy inform the committee that those teams were available to select was a great feeling.

3rd Down: What is your future outlook of the Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl?

I think the Bowl is in a great situation. The new bowl matchups and new title sponsor Radiance Technologies are going to allow the Independence Bowl to remain a staple in the college football landscape.

4th Down: Many people wonder what life in the Independence Bowl Foundation is like for past chairmen and chairwomen – how will you stay involved in the foundation?

I got involved with the Independence Bowl Foundation because I love college football and I love this community.  None of that has changed, and I look forward to staying involved wherever needed, as well as continuing to co-host the I-Bowl Weekly Radio Show with Jeff and Erik!

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